The Main BUilding

Our main building is located at 500 Russell St. NW. in Willmar, Minnesota. This is where The Lord does His work. We are a thirty bed facility where men who struggle with addiction and life issues stay at for a period of time. The building is equipped with a commercial kitchen for meals throughout the day for the men in the cafeteria, and a lounge area for groups and free time that the men enjoy hanging out in. There are shared bathrooms between rooms and three showers throughout the building for the men to use. There is a library, prayer room, laundry room, work out area, and staffed offices in the building. The front desk area is the first thing you will see when you enter the building. There is 24 hour staff on site seven days a week to care for the men who reside in the program.

The Victory House

The Victory House is located right across the street from our main building. The victory house's purpose is for men who are graduating and completing The Fortress program to have a safe place to stay while transitioning back out on their own into the community. There is a house manager on site who maintains the house and keeps the men who stay there safe and accountable. The men who move over to the Victory House are required to pay monthly rent while continuing to learning more life skills with working a full time job. They still stay involved in The Fortress programming while also continuing to make steps in their own lives so that they eventually are able to move out on their own. This is the first big step in their aftercare plan.